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Scott England
Hello, My name is Scott England and I am the CEO of England Productions. I have been in the business since the fall of 1992. I got started running light shows in bars then moved up to assistant DJ then I started headlining and playing at a variety of night clubs. This was great until I decided I wanted a family and needed to be there for them and I moved into the mobile disc jockey arena.

I started England Productions in the fall of 2002 then later that year I was inducted into the National Association of Mobile Entertainers. In the beginning of 2004 I was awarded the Endorsed Professional Entertainer Designator. I specialize in the entertainment. That is what I do. That's why my customer satisfactory rating is very high.

Amanda England (President)
I have been involved with the Music industry for just over 6 years. I perform at various functions. My absolute favorite is wedding receptions. I can relate with the couple and I go into the moment. Most people can't get into the moment. That is what I feel separates Disc Jockey's from price and what all they can offer and bring to you. I love this industry. Scott and I don't pretend to do everything we focus on your entertainment.

I first saw Scott perform in the nightclub scenes where he was the life of the party. Scott could motivate the crowd to do almost anything. Once we got the opportunity to start our own company I told Scott that we needed to be humble. The industry already had some major egos and that wasn't the way I wanted our company to be.

Maybe your Bio will on here next, if you interested in a career in entertainment then let us know.

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