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Questions to ask a Disc Jockey

  1. Date Availability - Are they available for your selected date and time?
  2. Experience - How long have they been in business and are they willing to provide you with recent references? If you are hiring for a wedding reception, you might want to ask how much of their business is wedding related and are they knowledgeable about wedding etiquette. Are they flexible enough to accommodate your special requests?
  3. Face to face meeting - Are they willing to meet with you and discuss your likes and dislikes, both musically and otherwise? Can they be easily reached for last minute additions, changes and suggestions?
  4. Legal Business with proper insurance protection - Are they legally registered or incorporated? Are they covered by insurance in the event of an accident?
  5. Contract - Will they provide you with a written contract that spells out the details of your agreement?
  6. Proper Dress - Will they arrive in appropriate apparel, especially if your event requires formal attire? There should be no additional charge for this.
  7. Equipment & Music Library - Is their equipment of professional quality (home stereo equipment is not suitable). Is there backup equipment in case of an emergency? Do they have a wide range of music to cover all your requests and those of your guests?

**IMPORTANT** You will note that PRICE is not at the top of the list. Please keep in mind that the highest or lowest price does not always guarantee quality. If you feel that the answers to these few questions meet your requirements, you may very well have found what you are looking for. N.A.M.E. members have gone through a thorough check before becoming members and are professionals - you may feel confident in choosing a member of the association for any of your events.

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